This blog is written by Al B. I’m an IT contractor based in London, UK. I’ve spent over 4 years working with PHP using MVC frameworks such as Symfony and Zend and architecting web services. I’ve also spent 2 years working with Django and Python and currently work as a devop automating AWS-based infrastructure for sites that handle billions of requests per month.

I develop in Linux and have experience working with the full LAMP stack – from optimising MySQL queries to setting up caching strategies and architecting web sites of varying complexity.

I’m a self-starter with a strong knowledge of design patterns and Computer Science principles. I recognise the importance of creating maintainable code and have acquired skills that make me a highly efficient and productive software engineer.

Contact me for more information, especially if you’re looking for a senior web developer/cloud devop who can work autonomously or within a team and deliver high quality solutions.


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